Term Plan

Summer Term 1 2022 Medium term plan

Week 1 - Week commencing 25th April

Theme: Spring - mini beasts 

Story: Superworm   

Sounds: s,a

Numbers: 2

Shapes: Circle

Focus: Understanding of the World - caring for the environment

Week 2 - Week commencing 2nd May

Theme: Dinosaurs

Story: Harry and the bucketful of Dinosaurs

Sounds: t, p

Numbers: 3

Shapes: Semi -circle

Focus: Understanding the world – Begin to make sense of their own life story and families history.

Week 3 - Week commencing 9th May

Theme: Superheroes

Story: Supertato

Sounds: i, n

Numbers: 4

Shapes: Triangle

Focus: Physical development – being active and making healthy choices.

Week 4 - Week commencing 16th May

Theme: Spring - Growing

Story: Jasper's Beanstalk

Sounds: c, k

Numbers: 5

Shapes: Square

Focus: Understanding the world – caring for the environment.

Week 5 - Week commencing 23rd May

Theme: Opposites 

Story: The right way round and upside down.    

Sounds: e, h

Numbers: 6

Shapes: Rectangle

Focus: Mathematics – make comparisons between objects relating to size, length, weight and capacity.