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Term Plan

Summer Term 1 2024 Medium term plan

Week 1 - Week commencing 15th April

Theme: Houses and Homes

Books: The 3 Little Pigs

Week 2 - Week commencing 22nd April

Theme: Planting and Growing

Books: Jack and the Beanstalk

Week 3 - Week commencing 29th April

Theme: Lifecycles

Books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Week 4 - Week commencing 6th May

Theme: Minibeasts

Books: Superworm, Walter's wonderful web

Bank Holiday Weekend

Week 5 - Week commencing 13th May

Theme: Superheroes

 Books: Ten little Superheroes

Week 6- Week commencing 20th May

Theme: Healthy Eating

 Books: Supertato

Inset Day Friday 24th May


We will be having lots of practise of counting through rhymes, games and stories.


Children will begin to count by rota as well as counting groups of objects.


We will send out some ideas to support this work.


Throughout the term we will look at, play and build with these shapes to ensure children begin to know and understand their properties.
Semi – circle
Can you find any at home or when you are out and about?


This term we will be focusing on developing children’s speaking, listening and awareness of sound.


 Developing these skills creates foundations for when children begin to learn their letters and sounds at a later stage.


 During this phase, your child will begin to distinguish between different sounds within their environment and may begin to show an awareness of rhyme and alliteration.


We will send out different ideas each week to support this work.

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