Fees and Funding

We currently have a sessional fee if you child is not entitled to funded hours (see below), the fees are payable a half term in advance. Please phone or email to find out the current sessional fee rates.

Three year old Funding

Your child is entitled to 15hours/week (570hours/year) of universal entitlement, starting the term after their third birthday; this is funded by Derbyshire County Council. Extended entitlement is available to working parents and specific criteria apply, an additional 15 hours may be available. More information can be accessed at gov.uk

However once funded, for any additional sessions over and above their universal and extended entitlement, there will be a charge/session.

Two Year Old Funding

Your child may be entitled to 15hours/week (570hours/year) of free nursery education, starting the term after their second birthday; this is funded by Derbyshire County Council.

In order to determine whether your child is eligible for two- year old funding, all you need to do is telephone the Childcare Improvement Service (Sufficiency) on 01629 539319 or 01629 539316 who will carry out an eligibility check for you.

This website address will give you all the relevant information:

Birth certificate – We need to see a copy of your child’s birth certificate to apply for funded sessions for your child.

We are registered with a number of organisations that provide childcare vouchers at present, please ask for more information.

Lunchtime session, we charge a fee for the lunchtime session and the children bring a packed lunch with them.